5 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Self Esteem

Celebrate successes and failures

Letting your child know that you are proud of them whether  they have fully a healthier their goal or not is a healthy way to increase their self-confidence. If they are fallen short and you still show how proud you are of them, then their is a higher chance that they will then come to you for advice on ways to work towards their goal or find a new way to achieve it. When your child has achieved their goal it is easier to show how proud you are of them and you can celebrate with them because they will be proud of themselves as well. By celebrating both failures and successes you are showing your child that your love for them is not based on external factors,and to always strive for their best. 

Letting them make choices

Giving your child the power to make a decision on their own is going to increase their independence, self-confidence as well as help them feel more empowered. While the choices are going to depend on age and your own comfort level of letting them make decision is going to make them feel the shift into control of their own life. A child is still learning the difference between right or wrong as well as what works and what does not work for them. While some choices should be left to a guardian or superior to make giving your child the option to make a choice is going to help them increase their confidence in themselves and their decision making abilities.

Focus on your child’s interests

When your child shows interest in something the way that they are going to interact with is with passion. Showing that you have an interest in learning more about that topic or wanting to experience it with them can make them feel like they are an expert in that topic or they have this sense of information or interest that is able to be shown with other people. Giving them this confidence to be able to express themselves and their interest is also going to help them meet new people who share the same interests as them giving them a chance to create new friendships. 

Encourage a sense of belonging

Establishing a sense of belonging has a powerful impact on children. Letting know that they have a safe space and a group of people who support them are reassuring and take away some of the pressures of growing up and self-discovery for children. Children can belong to many groups but knowing that they have the confidence to join and have the self-esteem to be a  positive attribute can help them further succeed and grow. 

Do not do everything for them

In the classroom the teacher of that class is not going to be doing everything for your child they are going to let them learn and experience things on their own. This independence should travel through the household or in other day to day activities. When you do everything for your child there’s a higher chance that they are going to become more dependent and less capable of doing tasks by themselves.Such as in the case for a potential bullying situation, you want to give your child all the tools they need to be able to stand up for themselves and have the confidence to stand up for others as well.