Love the work this organization is doing! My daughter really enjoyed the presentation at her school, she said it was fun and she learned something. It’s so nice to have the same message we instill in our daughters at home being delivered to the schools in our community by Empowerment Education.

Ruth Tomko-Lovett

Kelly presented to our Middle School and she was fantastic!! She was very informative and was able to reach the kids on their level. Her commitment to the cause is evident by the way she speaks. This is truly something important to hear and educate our youth on. I would recommend her to anyone!

Jade Devlin Cotter

I had the pleasure of seeing the Empowerment Education presentation twice yesterday. This presentation was priceless for our students. To teach our students about empowerment, self worth, confidence, and making the right decisions is so important. Kelly Rava did an incredible job engaging the students and making them really think about what she was telling them. No doubt, it had a strong impact on them. I hope many schools reach out and have presentations in their districts

Nicole Lauren

My daughter and her friends can’t stop talking about how awesome the presentation was today at Pittston Area! Must have been powerful to get through to 6th graders… Great job!

Mallory Kane-Liller

My daughter who is an 8th grade student at PA Middle School shared with me about how informative and helpful the topics were from the initial presentation. So important to share such crucial conversations with our teenage children. Thank you for your dedication to helping our children recognize and become more aware of the many issues facing them in school and the world today

Kathy Ann Yaniello

I have personally witnessed a presentation at the school (grades 5-8) that I teach in. Needless to say, the manner in which Kelly spoke to these kids was the first thing that stood out to me. Kelly spoke to them on a level that they were able to comprehend and utilize. Kids today, need a little dose of reality at times. Kelly delivered just that and provided them with the tools they would need if ever in a difficult situation, which was the second thing that really stood out for me. My daughter, who was in the audience, learned a great deal of “real life” information/life situations and how to manage herself if need be. I highly recommend that if you work in a school setting or are a member of your child’s PTA, to schedule a presentation with Kelly.

Laura Nowakowski Brady